Install Vinyl Decals

Follow the steps below

Application Instructions

Important to know:

Vinyl Wall art can be applied to Walls, Glass, Metal or anything smooth, clean, dry surface. Vinyl wall art cannot be applied to Wet, Dusty, Suede, Techniqued or freshly painted walls. Wait a minimum of 4 weeks after painting. Do not attempt to apply vinyl in humid conditions.

1. Clean the Surface

Wipe clean the surface with a damp cloth. Allow to dry.

2. Peel off Backing

Carefully peel off the backing layer from the decal. Only the vinyl and clear transfer layer should remain.

3. Apply the Vinyl Art

Place your decal on the surface. Use a credit card to rub and smooth the decal onto the surface.

4. Remove the Transfer Tape

Now remove the masking tape layer by peeling if off starting from the corner. Slowly peel the layer off at a 180º angle. ( Only the vinyl decal should remain )
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